How do I edit a sketch in Catia?

How do I edit an existing sketch?

Editing an Existing Sketch

  1. Click Sketch. on the Sketch toolbar, or click Insert > Sketch. Select an existing sketch to edit.
  2. Right-click a sketch in the FeatureManager design tree, or right-click a sketch entity in the graphics area, and select Edit Sketch.

How do I edit in CATIA?

Editing a Part in an Assembly Design Context

  1. Click on the + sign to the left of the CRIC_SCREW component in the tree. …
  2. Double-click on the part CRIC_SCREW to open CATIA – Part Design workbench. …
  3. CATIA – Part Design workbench is displayed. …
  4. Double-click the feature you need to edit.

How do I move a sketch in CATIA?

Select Sketch. 4 then choose the xxx. object -> Change Body contextual command. The Change Body command lets you move a sketch from a body to the body of your choice.

How do I edit a sketch pattern in Inventor?

Edit sketch pattern

  1. In the browser, select the sketch, right-click, and then select Edit Sketch.
  2. Select a pattern member in the graphics window, right-click, and then select Edit Pattern.

How do you edit a linear sketch pattern in sketch in Solidworks?

To edit a sketch pattern: Right-click a pattern instance and select the appropriate Edit option. If you selected Display instance count, you can double-click the instance count and change it in the graphics area. Search ‘Editing Sketch Patterns’ in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base.

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How do you edit pads in Catia?

Editing the Pad

  1. You can do it in the specification tree if you wish.
  2. In the Pad Definition dialog box that appears, enter 90 mm as the new length value.
  3. Click OK . …
  4. Now select Part Body .
  5. Select the Edit -> Properties command and click the Graphic tab to change the color of your part.

How do I change sketch support?

Select Sketch1 in the specification tree. 2. Select the Sketch1. object -> Change Sketch Support command.

How do I change sketch support in Catia v5?

Changing a Sketch Support

  1. From the specification tree, right-click Sketch. …
  2. If the Move geometry option at the bottom of this dialog box is checked, uncheck it. …
  3. Select the Positioned option, and make sure Pad.

How do you Analyse a sketch in Catia?

Select Tools > Sketch Analysis from the menu bar. Or alternatively, click Sketch Analysis in the Tools toolbar ( 2D Analysis Tools sub-toolbar). The Sketch Analysis dialog box appears. It contains three tabs: Geometry , Projections / Intersections and Diagnostic .

Where is open profile in Catia?

You can use Sketch Analysis tools in Catia by navigating Tools > Sketch Analysis. Which can easily check and highlight the open profile even in complex shape. Hope this works for you.

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