How do I download Autodesk drive?

How do I download from Autodesk drive?

You can download files and folders from Drive:

  1. Locate the item you wish to download, and select them.
  2. Click the More Actions (three dots) menu, and select Copy.
  3. To download multiple items, just hold hold “alt” or “command”, then select the files/folders you want to download.

Is Autodesk drive free?

A360 Drive is cloud storage that Autodesk provides for free.

What is the Autodesk drive?

Autodesk Drive is a cloud storage solution that allows individuals and small teams to organize, preview, and share any type of design or model data.

How do I upload to Autodesk drive?

Upload Files and Folders

  1. In Drive, navigate to the folder where you want to add your content.
  2. Click the Upload button.
  3. Choose Upload Files or Upload Folder from the list of options.
  4. Use the file browser to locate and select the items you want to upload.
  5. Click Open or Upload.

How much space do you get with Autodesk drive?

Solution: The storage limit for Autodesk Drive is 25 GB.

What does Autodesk Desktop Connector do?

Desktop Connector is a desktop service that integrates an Autodesk data management source (or data source) with your desktop folder and file structure for easy file management. The files in the data source are replicated in a connected drive.

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How do I access Autodesk files?

Solution: Yes, Autodesk Drive files can be accessed by visiting from a web browser on a mobile device. Note: There is no mobile app for Autodesk Drive.

Does Autodesk have cloud?


Edit, collaborate, and render in the cloud. Upload and access files anytime and anywhere. Whether you need to work with others on a mockup or render a 3D image, adding cloud services to your Autodesk software helps you get the job done faster.

How do I use a desktop connector?

Use the Desktop Connector

  1. Open the Data Sources panel.
  2. Click Add File Data Source.
  3. Navigate to a local hub in Desktop Connector. See What Are Connected Drives? for more information.
  4. Select the desired data source. For example, select a . …
  5. Click Open.
  6. Configure the data for use in your model.

What is Autodesk Sharedview?

A shared view is an online visual representation of the view of the model or design uploaded from an Autodesk product. The shared view expires by default after 30 days. Note: Subscribe to upload a shared view. When you create a shared view, a pop-up window provides the link to the shared view in Autodesk Viewer.

How do I share Autodesk files?

To share a file via email

  1. Click Share.
  2. In the Share dialog, click Email.
  3. Enter email id and message for the email.
  4. Set a password, if you wish to.
  5. Click Send.
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