How do I delete an orphaned xref in AutoCAD?

How do I delete orphaned XREF?

Use QUICKSELECT to make sure no blocks are present in model and paper space that contain the Xref. Enter PURGE and remove all unused block definitions. Detach the Xref via the Xref palette.

How do I get rid of not found xref in AutoCAD?

Click on the XREF name in the XREF Palette, PATH another XREF to it. Attached it. Now remove it from the XREF Palette list.

What does it mean when an xref is orphaned?

An Xref is “Orphaned” if its parent xref, that the child xref is attached to, is unloaded or unresolved. Example: A references B, B refererences C. If B is unloaded (or unresolved) then C is orphaned. To load C you must resolve or reload B first.

How do you fix xref problems?

Troubleshoot the file location

Move or copy the xref files into the same directory as the DWG which is calling them. Change permissions to provide full read/write access to the location of the referenced files. If the files are stored on different servers, move them to the same server.

How do you delete an object in XREF?

To remove highlighted records’ entities from the selection, hold while clicking Select. Opens the Select Objects dialog, which lists all objects and highlights those belonging to the currently highlighted XRef record, as well as objects selected in the scene. Use this dialog to select XRef objects.

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How do you unload XREF?

On the Tools toolbar, click the Xref Manager tool. Type xrm and then press Enter. 2 Select the external reference to unload. 3 Click Unload.


  1. Move the data link or all other objects to their own layer and then use the LAYDEL command to delete the layer with the data link.
  2. Copy the entire drawing over to a new file. …
  3. Locate the element or definition within the drawing that references the data link.

What does orphaned status mean AutoCAD?

Xref is “Orphaned” if its parent xref that the child xref is attached to is unloaded or unresolved, making it Orphaned in the current drawing – A refers B, B refers C, and if B is unresolved then C is orphaned. ACAD. * CAD.

How do I use reference manager in AutoCAD?

You can’t open reference manager from your AutoCAD window, to open it go to start button in your windows PC select All Programs option then expand Autodesk folder and select your installed AutoCAD version then select Reference Manager from expanded list.

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