How do I change the elevation of a line in Revit?

How do you change level in Revit?

Change the Level Type

  1. On the ribbon, click (Level). Architecture tab Datum panel (Level) Structure tab Datum panel (Level)
  2. In the Type Selector, select a different level type.

How do I change the elevation of a Revit without moving model?

Click on work view, point (above or below), enter the distance, and press enter. Use “ZE”, zoom extents command. Whith one of the levels selected, go to “Edit Type”, in Properties. Change “Elevation Base” to “Survey Point”.

How do you fix an elevation in Revit?


  1. Open the affected file.
  2. Go to a section or elevation view.
  3. Select the level and Edit Type.
  4. Set the Elevation Base to Survey Point.
  5. Select OK.
  6. Go to Manage > Coordinates > Specify Coordinates at Point.
  7. Select the level that you want to change.
  8. Input the new elevation for the level.

How do you get an elevation arrow in Revit?

Float your mouse over the location of the markers. They will highlight. Right click. Show annotation in view.

Why can’t I see elevations in Revit?

Causes: There can be many reasons that an element is not displayed within a Revit View. For levels to be visible in a section/elevation view, a portion of the level must exist within the view depth of the section or elevation.

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Can you change the associated level in Revit?

It is not possible – a new View must be created. If you go to View tab » Plan Views ▼ Floor Plans (or Reflected Ceiling Plan), if you do not see the desired Level in the list, disable the option “Do Not Duplicate Existing Views” at the bottom of the dialog.

How do I change the elevation of a project in Revit 2021?

Change the Reference for a Spot Elevation

  1. Add a spot elevation to a drawing, and then select it.
  2. On the Properties palette, click (Edit Type).
  3. Under Constraints, specify the Elevation Base as Relative, Project Base Point, or Survey Point.

How do you move the elevation of a project in Revit?

Relocate the Model

  1. Click Manage tab Project Location panel Position drop-down (Relocate Project). The Relocate Project tool works similar to the Move tool. As you move the cursor over elements, valid references are highlighted and identified in the status bar.
  2. Move the project graphically in the view.
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