How do I add an account to SketchUp?

How do I add a user in SketchUp Pro?

On your purchased Plan, click on Edit Plan Settings in the upper right. Click on the Manage Seats in the window that comes up. Choose either the Add seats to this plan or the Remove seats from this plan option.

Where is the account icon in SketchUp?

Click the Profile icon in the top right corner of the document window and choose “Sign In”. This will open a new tab in your default browser to let you sign in, you’ll have two options; Sign in with your email address, or sign in with Google.

How do I activate SketchUp subscription?

If you signed up for a yearly Pro subscription or if you are a trial user, go ahead and sign-in with the end-user email address you selected when signing up. Signing-in will activate your subscription.

How do I add a license to SketchUp?

Authorizing a license

  1. In the Welcome to SketchUp dialog box that appears when you start SketchUp Pro, click the Add License button at the top. …
  2. Open the license confirmation email that you received after purchasing your license.
  3. In the email, copy your serial number.
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How many users can use SketchUp Pro?

You should be able to use up to 2 devices at one time as long as you are only using one version of the program at a time. If you wish to transfer an application to a third computer or device, you should remove the serial number from the old computer before adding it to the application in a new location.

How do I access SketchUp?

In SketchUp Desktop Viewer, to open a SketchUp ( .

Opening a model

  1. Select File > Open.
  2. In the Open dialog box that appears, as shown in the following figure, navigate to the location where the . skp file is saved on your hard drive.
  3. Select the file and click the Open button. The model appears in the viewer.

Why can’t I log into SketchUp?

If you are logged in and still encountering problems, try logging out using the “G” icon, and logging in again. If you’re still unable to use the tool you need, exit SketchUp and open the appropriate system browser – Internet Explorer on a Windows machine and Safari on a Mac.

What is Trimble account?

Trimble Identity provides access to all Trimble applications and online services, including all applications which are part of SketchUp subscriptions. With your Trimble Identity, you can sign in to one of your Trimble online services and then browse to another without the need to sign in again.

Where is the authorization code in SketchUp?

If you have a license of SketchUp Pro you can access your authorization code by navigating to the License Manager and selecting the “Email my Authorization Code” button once you have Looked Up License.

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How can I get a free SketchUp license?

Full Version – Free Trial

  1. Visit the download page on SketchUp’s website.
  2. Select “Start free trial”.
  3. Login or register with a Trimble account.
  4. Select which industry you work in and click “Continue”.
  5. Select your interests and click “Continue”.
  6. Fill in your information & click the “Start My Trial” button.

How do I manage my SketchUp license?


  1. Open SketchUp Pro.
  2. Click Help > License > License info.
  3. Copy your serial number EXACTLY from the License Info dialog box.
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