Frequent question: Why are my dimensions grey in Catia?

Why are smart dimensions GREY in Solidworks?

One other significant reason that dimensions are gray is due to the layer properties. If you place dimensions on a separate layer so you can easily hide them, you may also affect the color. Look for the small color box on the layer dialog box.

How do I show dimensions in Catia?

Right-click the dimension and in the contextual menu, choose Properties. Click the Dimension Line tab and then select Symbol 2 to display two-symbols dimension, or clear this check box to display one-symbol dimension.

How do I show hidden dimensions in Catia?

Hide or Show Annotations (Dimensions, Symbols)

  1. Start a new drawing and insert view(s).
  2. Insert Dimensions.
  3. Insert any symbols (if required).
  4. Click on Hide/Show Annotations under View. …
  5. The pointer changes to.
  6. Click on the dimension, symbols, etc.

Why are my drawing dimensions GREY?

Inserted dimensions are black and non inserted dimensions are grey, by default. These colors carry over to printouts while in Color Display Mode is on. When this mode is turned off, all colors are shown as system status (system defines the color based on their status instead of other settings).

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How do I change the default dimension color in Solidworks?

You can change the appearance of dimensions in parts and sketches. You can specify colors for various types of dimensions in Tools > Options > System Options > Colors and specify Add parentheses by default in Tools > Options > Document Properties > Dimensions .

How do I change dimensions in Catia?

Editing Dimension Value Properties

  1. Select a dimension (whatever the type) on the CATDrawing you opened.
  2. Select the Edit-> Properties command and click the Value tab. …
  3. If needed, click the More switch.
  4. If needed, modify the available options. …
  5. Click OK.

How do I get dimensions on Catia v5?

Go to Tools > Options > Mechanical Design > Drafting > Generation tab. Select the Analysis after generation check box. Click Generate Dimensions in the Generation toolbar. The dimensions are automatically generated on the front view, which in this particular case, is the only view in the drawing.

How do you change the dimension style in Catia?

Dimension styles are located in the following nodes of the Standard Definition editor, available via Tools> Standards:

  1. Styles > Length/Distance Dimension.
  2. Styles > Angle Dimension.
  3. Styles > Radius Dimension.
  4. Styles > Diameter Dimension.
  5. Styles > Chamfer Dimension.
  6. Styles > Coordinate Dimension.

How do you change the background color in Catia?

1 Answer. To change the background color of CATIA drawings, you need to change the drafting standards, which requires Admin privileges.

How do I delete dimensions in Catia?

1. Select the added dimension(s) you wish to permanently delete from the drawing. 2. Right-click and select Delete on the shortcut menu, or on the Annotate tab, in the Delete group, click Delete.

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How do I show hidden dimensions?

Easy Way to Hide/Show SOLIDWORKS Dimensions at Part Level

  1. In your FeatureManager Tree, right-click on the Annotations folder and select Show Feature Dimensions. …
  2. To keep only a certain number of dimensions, those that aren’t needed can be hidden by right-clicking on the dimension in the design space and selecting Hide.

How do I show hidden dimensions in a drawing?

To show dimension names: Click View > Hide/Show > Dimension Names or Hide/Show Items > View Dimension Names (Heads-up View toolbar).

How do I turn on dimensions in Solidworks?

How to Activate SOLIDWORKS Automatic Sketch Dimensions

  1. Menu Tools > Options > System Options > Sketch.
  2. Check off “Enable on screen numeric input on entity creation”
  3. Also check off “Create dimensions only when value is entered”
  4. Start drawing a sketch; Use click-move-click approach to draw the sketch entity.
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