Frequent question: How do I make something parallel in SolidWorks?

How do you create a parallel relation in SolidWorks?

To add parallel dimensions to a drawing:

  1. Click Smart Dimension. (Dimensions/Relations toolbar) or Tools > Dimensions > Smart.
  2. Click the geometry to dimension.
  3. Use rapid dimensioning to place evenly spaced dimensions. Alternatively, move the pointer outside of the rapid dimension selector to place the dimension.

What is parallel in SolidWorks?

Parallel. Two or more lines. A line and a plane (or a planar face) in a 3D sketch. The items are parallel to each other.

How do I make two points horizontal in Solidworks?

Creating Horizontal Dimensions

  1. In an open sketch, click Horizontal Dimension. (Dimensions/Relations toolbar) or Tools > Dimensions > Horizontal. …
  2. Select the two entities to dimension. You can undo previous selections by pressing Esc. …
  3. Set the value in the Modify box and click .
  4. Click a location to place the dimension.

What does Coradial mean?

Coradial. Two or more arcs. The items share the same centerpoint and radius. Perpendicular. Two lines.

How do I make two lines perpendicular in SolidWorks?

To create a line perpendicular to a tangent of a circle

  1. Start a sketch.
  2. Select the line tool from the Sketch Tools toolbar.
  3. Pick the circular feature (sketch or solid)
  4. Now, hold the cursor there for a second. …
  5. Drag the cursor toward the center of the circle and pick somewhere on the inference line.
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How do you make a coincident with two lines in SolidWorks?

How to Add a Coincident in SolidWorks

  1. Select a line, point, center line or temporary axis with the left mouse button. …
  2. Hold the “Control” key and select the second line, point or temporary axis by left-clicking it. …
  3. Click the “Coincident” button in the Add Relations section of the properties box.

What is another name for parallel dimensioning?

Explanation: The dimensions are arranged in a parallel manner. Hence the answer is parallel dimension. This type of dimensioning is also called as aligned dimension, as the dimension figures are aligned along the length of the dimension line.

How do I make dimensions parallel in Autocad?

To Align Parallel Linear and Angular Dimensions

  1. Click Annotate tab Dimensions panel Adjust Space. Find.
  2. Select the dimension that you want to use as the base dimension when equally spacing dimensions.
  3. Select the next dimension to align.
  4. Continue to select dimensions and then press Enter.
  5. Enter 0 and press Enter.

How do you dimension an angle in Creo?

Right-click in the Sketcher window and choose Dimension from the shortcut menu or click Sketch > Normal.

  1. Select the first point.
  2. Select a point for the angle vertex.
  3. Select the second point.
  4. Middle-click to place the dimension. The dimension is placed.

What are sketch relations in Solidworks?

Description: Sketch relations help to define a sketch entity by relating them or constraining them to other sketch entities. Sketch relations can either be added or assumed by SolidWorks through built in features (the polygon tool). Note: All relations can be seen and edited by using the display/delete relation icon.

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How do you make a dimension dependent on another dimension?

Double click the dimension, then in the Modify dialog box, type = (equal sign) and several characters of the global variable name. A flyout menu appears with a name that matches the characters you have typed. Both dimensions become linked to the global variable. Repeat for as many dimensions as needed.

How do you join lines in Solidworks?

To combine two split sketch entities into one: In an open sketch, click the split point and press Delete. Search ‘Combining Split Entities’ in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base.

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