Could not obtain license for SOLIDWORKS standard Cannot connect to license server?

Could not obtain a license for SOLIDWORKS Cannot connect to license server?

Typically, this problem is caused by port settings. Port settings between the SolidNetWork license manager and the license client might not match. Additional port settings for multiple versions of SolidNetWork license managers might not have been specified.

Could not obtain a license for SOLIDWORKS standard server node is down?

“License server node is down or not running”

This error message indicates that the License manager to the connection is lost. The problem could be the connection or that the License Manager program is not running.

How do I fix SOLIDWORKS invalid license key?


  1. Open the SolidNetWork License Manager Server application on your License Server.
  2. On the Server Administration tab click Stop.
  3. When prompted confirm the server being stopped – licensing will be unavailable to any end user until restarted.
  4. Click Modify.
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How do I connect to a SOLIDWORKS license server?

To activate SolidNetWork licensing:

  1. Start SolidNetWork License Manager ( Start > Programs > SOLIDWORKS version > SolidNetWork License Manager > SolidNetWork License Manager ).
  2. When prompted to activate, click Yes.
  3. On the SolidNetWork License Server Information screen: …
  4. On the Activate Your SOLIDWORKS Product screen:

How do I activate my SOLIDWORKS license?

In SOLIDWORKS, you clicked > Licenses > Activate. (You are in Activate mode.) In SOLIDWORKS, you clicked > Licenses > Deactivate . (You are in Deactivate mode.)

How do I get a license for SOLIDWORKS?

The only way to buy SOLIDWORKS is through a certified SOLIDWORKS reseller like GoEngineer. SOLIDWORKS products are sold worldwide through a large network of certified value-added resellers (VARs). SOLIDWORKS resellers also provide additional services, product training, and ongoing support.

How do I find my SOLIDWORKS license server?

Server Location

This application is found under Start > SOLIDWORKS Tools > SolidNetWork License Manager Client. On the Server List tab, add the appropriate port and server name. Ensure only one server is listed unless you have multiple servers hosting separate licenses.

How do I open SOLIDWORKS Licence manager?

You can start the SolidNetWork License Manager from the Windows Start menu. In Windows, click Start > SOLIDWORKS Tools version > SolidNetWork License Manager Server.

Can’t return SOLIDWORKS license no such feature exists?

SOLIDWORKS Network License not returned to the Server likely indicates there is interference with the vendor daemon communication. By default the SNL manager uses a dynamic vendor daemon port, so some security software or firewall may be causing the communication back to the license manager to fail.

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Could not get a license for Solidworks CAM 5147 0?

Invalid block name when opening SOLIDWORKS CAM (-5,147,0)

This usually means that the SOLIDWORKS license information has either, been updated since you last activated, or that the license date has passed the end of your subscription period and the free use of CAM has expired.

How do you turn off automatic loading of lightweight parts in Solidworks?

Click Tools > Options > System Options > Performance. Under Assemblies, select Always for Resolve lightweight components.

How do I install SOLIDWORKS 2020 license manager?

Installing and Activating a License Manager

  1. Select the internet or email procedure.
  2. Supply email contact information.
  3. Click Next to proceed. Internet: Activation occurs automatically. Email: Press Save to create a request file, then send the file to

How do I update my solidworks license server?

In Windows, click ‘Start,’ > ‘All Programs,’ > ‘SolidWorks 20XX,’ > ‘Solidworks Tools’ > ‘SolidNetWork License Manager Server 20XX. ‘ In the ‘Server Administration’ tab select the ‘Modify’ button. In the ‘SolidNetWork License Activation Wizard’ dialog box select ‘Move your product license(s) to a new/upgraded computer.

What is SOLIDWORKS license?

SOLIDWORKS offers several licensing solutions tailored to the size and flexibility needs of an organization. These licenses range from Single Seat, Single User, and Standalone to the ability to spread your SOLIDWORKS investment over a large group of users using Floating Network licenses.

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