What is occlusion culling in Catia?

What is pixel culling?

In 3D rendering the term culling describes the early rejection of objects of any kind (objects, draw calls, triangles and pixels) that don’t contribute to the final image.

How do I change the resolution on Catia?

To change the resolution, you just need to go back to Control Panel -> Display -> Setting. Change the resolution as needed, and you should be good to go.

Where are Catia settings stored?

Each user settings for CATIA application are stored in User Settings path folder. As deleting all of the user setting files in each user’s User Setting path folder, the settings for CATIA are initialized and set as deault.

What does occlusion culling do?

Occlusion culling removes additional objects from within the camera rendering work if they are entirely obscured by nearer objects. The occlusion culling process will go through the scene using a virtual camera to build a hierarchy of potentially visible sets of objects.

What is occlusion query?

The occlusion query mechanism is used to verify whether an object is visible for a viewer or if it is occluded by other objects (in this case there is no need to render it as we are not able to see it anyway).

What is CPU occlusion culling?

Occlusion culling increases rendering performance simply by not rendering geometry that is outside the view frustum or hidden by objects closer to the camera. Two common types of occlusion culling are occlusion query and early-z rejection.

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How do I change working directory in Catia?

First, launch CATIA, then click on the Tools menu > Options. Next, select General > Document tab. Under the Linked Document Localization section, select Other Folders. Click on the Configure button.

How do I save Catia settings?

Setting CATIA V5 Component Preferences

  1. From the Design Gateway Edit menu, select Preferences. The Preferences dialog box appears.
  2. Expand the Components folder on the left side of the dialog box, and select CATIA V5.
  3. Set the following options: Option. …
  4. Click OK to save your changes and to close the Preferences dialog box.

Where is CATSettings?

CATSettings created by users are stored in CATUserSettingPath. CATSettings created by administrators are stored in CATReferenceSettingPath in environment file.

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