What is eDrawings solidworks?

What is solidworks eDrawings used for?

SOLIDWORKS eDrawings is the premiere toolset for 3D CAD markup and viewing. The standalone SOLIDWORKS eDrawings Viewer enables anyone to view, print, and review eDrawings. It is available for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices for true cross-platform design collaboration and communication.

Is eDrawings part of Solidworks?

Thank you for choosing eDrawings! eDrawings is free software that lets you view and print eDrawings(eDRW, ePRT, eASM), native SolidWorks documents (sldprt, sldasm, slddrw) , DXF, and DWG format files.

Is eDrawings same as Solidworks?

eDrawings Professional is a separate license purchased through your VAR. eDrawings Professional includes the ability to create markups that can be viewed in the native SOLIDWORKS file. Both the eDrawings Viewer and eDrawings Professional include the ability to measure your files and save your file as an .

Can Solidworks open Edrawing files?

eDrawings also supports display of SOLIDWORKS Simulation and SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress data, when available, in eDrawings part or assembly files. For more information, see SOLIDWORKS Simulation Data. Pro/ENGINEER drawings cannot be imported.

Can you convert eDrawings to SolidWorks?

Since the eDrawings program is part of the SolidWorks suite, you can easily convert an eDrawings file to a SolidWorks file by using the eDrawings’ main menu.

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How much does eDrawings cost?

Buy eDrawings Pro for NX | from $945.00 | Geometric Technologies Store @ NOVEDGE | Authorized Reseller | Buy Online or Call for Custom Quote | Best Price Guarantee.

What is eDrawings publisher for SolidWorks?

eDrawings Publisher enables non-SOLIDWORKS® users to share eDrawings files from their native CAD system to benefit from easy design communication across multiple CAD environments with the click of a mouse button.

Can eDrawings Open STEP files?

To open STEP files in eDrawings: In eDrawings, open a part or assembly document that has a STEP attachment. Click Attachments .

Can you edit in eDrawings?

You can undo and redo changes that you make in the current eDrawings session. The eDrawings Application Programming Interface (API) is an OLE programming interface to eDrawings and is implemented as a Microsoft ActiveX control.

What does eDrawings publisher do?

What is eDrawings Publisher? eDrawing Publisher supports the creation of eDrawings from SOLIDWORKS®, Autodesk Inventor®, Pro/ENGINEER® CATIA® V5, SIEMENS NX®, Solid Edge®, PTC CREO software and SketchUp®.

How does eDrawings viewer measure?

To measure entities:

  1. Click Measure or Tools > Measure.
  2. On the Measure pane, choose Selection Filters, and specify Units.
  3. Select entities in the graphics area. Entities are displayed in red to indicate they will be selected if you click the mouse. …
  4. To release the Measure tool, click it, click Select. , or press Esc.

Can eDrawings open DXF files?

eDrawings supports the following: DXF and DWG files up to AutoCAD® 2018. AutoCAD fonts (SHX), if AutoCAD is installed. Otherwise the text is rendered in a default Simplex font.

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How do you send others eDrawings?

Sending Files

  1. Open a file to send.
  2. Click File > Send.
  3. Select one of the following: Option. Description. eDrawings file (.edrw, .eprt, .easm) …
  4. Click OK. The default email message box appears with the new file attached.
  5. In the email message box, enter the email address and a subject, then click Send.

How do you scale in eDrawings?

Click File > Print. In the Print dialog box: To print a portion of the active sheet: Use Pan , Zoom to Fit , Zoom to Area , Zoom In/Out , and Scale to fine-tune. To print the current sheet at its actual size: Select Active sheet and To scale (1 to 1).

Where does eDrawings install to?

These applications are installed directly on the local hard disk drive. Some CAD applications install the eDrawings application when you install the CAD application. Check your local hard disk drive for an installed version of the eDrawings application.

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