What for animated constraint command is used in CATIA?

What is animate constraint in Catia?

This task shows you how constrained sketched elements react when you decide to make one constraint vary. In other words, you will assign a set of values to the same angular constraint and examine how the whole system is affected.

Can we do animation in Catia?

Animation! There are 2 main ways to animate assemblies in CATIA: 1. DMU Kinematics workbench – Allows to study and animate parts’ motions based on predefined constraints.

How do you add constraints in Catia?

Geometrical Constraints

Click Circle from the Profile toolbar. Select the corner center to define the one of the circle. Drag the cursor to define the circle dimensions. Click in the geometry when you are satisfied with the dimensions.

How do I record animations in Catia?

Tutorial: Making an animation out of any simulation in Catia V5.

  1. Tools->image->video.
  2. Follow the instructions on the image serially.
  3. Press the record button.
  4. Click on “simulation with commands”
  5. Click on the “play” button to simulate and record the frames.

How do you save Catia simulation?

Click the File name… button. Enter a name, choose the location of the video file to be recorded, and then click Save. In the Player , click Parameters .

How do I see constraints in Catia?

Constraints Defined in Dialog Box option will not be active unless you click on a geometry.


  1. Select the line.
  2. Click on Constraints Defined in Dialog Box. A dialog box will appear.
  3. Select Vertical or Horizontal, whichever is required.
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How do I create a constraint in Catia v5?

Creating Geometrical Constraints

  1. Select the geometrical elements to be constrained to each others, for example two lines to be set as parallel lines.
  2. Click the Constraint with Dialog Box icon from the Geometry Modification toolbar. …
  3. Modify the Constraint Definition dialog box. …
  4. Click OK .
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