Question: How do you move multiple bodies in Fusion 360?

How do you move bodies to components in Fusion 360?

Drag and drop the body and the sketch into the desired component in the Browser Tree. Note: It is a good idea to keep the sketch simple and related only to the individual body that is being moved. If projections are made from or into the sketch being moved it might affect the model after being moved.

Can I group bodies in Fusion 360?

Just right click on the Bodies folder and create New Group. Amazing !

How do you move a body in fusion?


  1. Use the “Bodies” selection for the Move tool and select the bodies you want to position, which you can then move as a block.
  2. Create a component and insert all of the bodies you’d like to move, then use the “Components” selection on the move tool and move the whole component.

How do I move my body to Origin on Fusion 360?

Select the Point to Point or Point to Position Move Type.

  1. Select a point on one of the bodies as the origin point.
  2. Select the origin in the browser tree as the target point.

How do you create a group in Fusion 360?

From the Assembly menu, click New Component.

  1. Click OK in the dialogue to create the new empty component.
  2. Highlight all of the components in the browser tree that need to be condensed/combined.
  3. Drag the highlighted components on top of the new component that was just created.
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How do I merge two STL files in Fusion 360?

In a nutshell:

  1. import STL.
  2. In the PATCH workspace, Modify>Mesh>Mesh to BRep.
  3. still in PATCH, use Modify>Merge, select chain, and click on planar face to clean up all the triangles.

How do you use assembly in Fusion 360?


  1. Create a new design for the assembly and save it.
  2. Right click on one of the components in the data panel, then click “Insert into current design”.
  3. Select a location for the component, then click ok.
  4. After the component is imported, it can be assembled by using the joint command.
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