How do you modify a mesh in FreeCAD?

How do you edit a mesh on FreeCAD?

Open and edit STL files in FreeCAD

  1. Start FreeCAD and create a new document with File > New,
  2. In the menu select File > Import and navigate to the mesh file you want to modify. …
  3. In the dropdown select the Part workbench,
  4. In the Model window select the imported mesh,
  5. In the menu select Part > Create shape from mesh…

How do you simplify mesh in FreeCAD?


  1. Select one or more mesh objects.
  2. Press the Mesh Decimating button. Select the Meshes → Decimation…
  3. The Decimating task panel opens.
  4. Specify the Reduction: If only one mesh object has been selected and you choose the Absolute number option: …
  5. Press the OK button to finish the command.

How do you use mesh in FreeCAD?

FreeCAD: How to create meshes from a solid?

  1. Create new document. …
  2. Switch workbench to Mesh Design wrokbench .
  3. Select the shape in model tree and run “Mesh from shape” …
  4. Set paramters in the dialog box and click OK to create mesh.
  5. Select the meshed solid on model tree and type space key to hide it.
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How do you refine a Shape in FreeCAD?


  1. Select an object that you wish to clean and copy.
  2. Go to the menu Part → Create a copy → Refine shape.
  3. A cleaned, independent copy of the original object is created; the original object is hidden.

How do I modify an STL in FreeCAD?

Step 1: Open STL file and convert it to solid model

  1. Open FreeCAD and create a new document by clicking on File > New.
  2. Click File > Import and select the object you want to modify. …
  3. Change your workbench to Part.
  4. Select the imported object in the Model window. …
  5. Now click on Part > Create shape from mesh.

How do you mesh a part in FreeCAD?

To do this:

  1. Switch to the. Part Workbench.
  2. Select the mesh, and go to the Part → Create shape from mesh or press the. Part ShapeFromMesh button.
  3. Click OK in the dialog.
  4. Select the newly created shape.
  5. Go to Part → Convert to solid.
  6. Select the newly created solid.
  7. Go to Part → Refine shape or press the. Part RefineShape button.

How do you smooth on Freecad?


  1. Press the. Mesh Smoothing button.
  2. Select the Meshes → Smooth… option from the menu.

How do you get smooth mesh?

Smooth Shading

The easiest way is to set an entire object as smooth or faceted by selecting a mesh object, and in Object Mode, click Smooth in the Tool Shelf. This button does not stay pressed; it forces the assignment of the “smoothing” attribute to each face in the mesh, including when you add or delete geometry.

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What is mesh in FreeCAD?

In FreeCAD the word “Mesh” is normally used to refer to a Mesh MeshObject ( Mesh::MeshObject class), a type of object that defines 3D data but is not a solid “Shape”. Meshes are very simple objects, containing only vertices (points), edges and triangular faces.

How do I select multiple items in FreeCAD?

Select any complex object, for example, a PartDesign Body or Std Part, then in the selection view select again the object, and then press Ctrl + C in the keyboard to open the Object selection dialog. This allows copying the selected object together with all or only some of that object’s dependency objects.

How do you delete a shape in Freecad?


  1. Select one or more objects.
  2. There are several ways to invoke the command: Select the Edit → Delete option from the menu. Select the. Delete option from the Tree view context menu or 3D view context menu. Use the keyboard shortcut: Del.

How do you check geometry in Freecad?

Invoke the tool by either:

  1. Clicking on the. CheckGeometry button available in the Part workbench toolbar.
  2. Using the Part → Check geometry entry from the top menu.

How do you cut objects in Freecad?


  1. Press the. Cut button in the Part toolbar.
  2. Use the Part → Boolean → Cut entry from the Part menu.
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