How do you make a right triangle in SketchUp?

How do you make a right angled triangle in Sketchup?

Right triangle given hypotenuse and one side?

  1. Select the protractor tool.
  2. Click and drag a little way along the line (this will orient the protractor perpendicular to the line)
  3. Click on the far end of the hypotenuse. …
  4. Move the cursor a bit until you see a value in the VCB.

Which tool helps to draw triangle in Sketchup?

You can draw an equilateral triangle with the Polygon tool. Get the tool, type 3 and hit Enter. Draw the triangle by clicking to set its center and drag out. Enter the distance from the center to a corner of hit Ctrl (Option on Mac) and draw the distance from the center to the edge.

Which SketchUp tool is used to copying an object?

With the Select tool ( ), select the geometry you want to copy. Select the Move tool ( ) from the toolbar or press M. The cursor changes to a four-way arrow. To tell SketchUp that you want to duplicate the selected entities, tap the Ctrl (Microsoft Windows) or Option (macOS) key to toggle Copy functionality.

Which tool is used to draw a rectangle?

1Rectangle tool– Rectangle tool is used to draw rectangular or square shapes. Q. 2 Ellipse tool – It is used to draw oval or circle.

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