How do you enlarge a hole in Fusion 360?

How do you resize a circle in Fusion 360?

Right click on the circle and select edit sketch or right click the sketch in the timeline or browser and select edit sketch, then if the circle is dimension already double click the dimension and edit. If there’s no dimension you could drag to size or add a dimension.

How do you shape a hole in Fusion 360?

Learn how to create a Hole in a solid body in Fusion 360.

  1. Click Design > Solid > Create > Hole . …
  2. Select a Placement setting: …
  3. Select a face, plane, or sketch point to place the center of the Hole.
  4. Adjust size, shape, and position settings as needed: …
  5. In the Objects to Cut section, check or uncheck objects.
  6. Click OK.

How do you make a hexagon hole in Fusion 360?

Use Combine|Cut operation to create the hexagonal hole. Another, more parametric, method is to use or create a sketch on the face with the hole location, draw a hexagon at the hole location, then use Extrude|Cut operation.

How do I change the radius of a circle in AutoCAD?

On the Modeling tab, in the Draw group, the Construction Circle Center & Radius changes to Center & Diameter.

  1. Select a circle or an arc in the viewport.
  2. Move the cursor in the desired direction to change the radius of the circle or the arc. …
  3. Click again when the circle or the arc has the desired radius.
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How do you stretch a sketch in Fusion 360?

Stretch Geometry

  1. In a 2D sketch, click Sketch tab Modify panel Stretch . …
  2. (Optional) In the Stretch dialog box, specify any of the following: …
  3. In the graphics window, select the geometry you want to stretch: …
  4. If necessary, click Base Point in the Stretch dialog box to switch to that mode.

How do you convert a mesh to a body in Fusion 360?

Choose the mesh file to import. Move and orient the inserted Mesh as desired.

From the Prepare menu click Generate Face Groups.

  1. Select the mesh body.
  2. Each color represents a different face.
  3. Adjust the boundary accuracy to make sure that each face is a different color.
  4. Click OK.
  5. From the modify menu click Convert Mesh.
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