How do you cut a plane in SketchUp?

How do you convert to solid in SketchUp?

For SketchUp to realize something is a solid, you have to make it into either a group or a component first. Another thing: Solid groups and components can’t have other groups and/or components nested inside them. Making a solid doesn’t require any special tools.

How are cutting planes section planes drawn?

Also, no hidden lines are drawn and all visible surfaces and edges behind the cutting plane are drawn as object lines. All the surfaces touched by the cutting plane are marked with section lines. Because all the surfaces are the same part, the section lines are identical and are drawn in the same direction.

How do you delete a section plane in SketchUp?

When a lot of temporary section cuts have been used, especially in several levels of nested groups and components, it can be a quite tedious task to find and remove them all. This plugin does that for you in just 2 click: Edit > Delete Sections.

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