How do you color area plans in Revit?

How do you highlight areas in Revit?

On the Edit Color Schemes dialog, select the category and the color scheme to edit. You can edit the Color Scheme property for the view to select a different color scheme or remove the color scheme from the view. Place the color fill legend anywhere in the drawing area to describe the color scheme used in the view.

How do you add color in Revit?

Open a floor plan view or section view. Click Annotate tab Color Fill panel (Legend). Click in the drawing area to place the color fill legend. In the Choose Space Type and Color Scheme dialog, select the space type and color scheme, and click OK.

How do you color a Revit schedule?

To use this great new feature, select and open a schedule within your Revit project. Go to properties, scroll down until you see appearance and click to open. Once open, place a tick in Stripe Rows (1), then select the open box (2) to open the colour palette. Choose the colour required, then OK and close.

How do you fill a space in Revit?

Click Analyze tab Spaces and Zones panel Space. On the Options Bar, specify parameters for the space. Move the cursor into the drawing area and click to place the space. Continue placing spaces or click Modify.

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What are spaces in Revit?

Revit uses the space component to maintain information about the area where it is placed. Spaces store values for a variety of parameters that affect the heating and cooling load analysis for a project.

How do you paint a surface in Revit?


  1. Click Modify tab Geometry panel (Paint).
  2. In the Material Browser dialog, select a material. Note that you can only browse for a material when you select the paint tool.
  3. Place the cursor on the element face to highlight it. …
  4. Click to apply the paint.
  5. In the Material Browser dialog, click Done.

How do you highlight a line in a schedule in Revit?

In the View properties section, select the Appearance Edit button. The Schedule Properties dialog displays. In the Graphics section, select Stripe Rows. To select the color for the first row, select First Stripe Row Color from the drop-down, then select a color from the color picker.

How do you highlight columns in Revit?

Highlighting Elements

  1. Select a structural element.
  2. Click Modify tab Analytical panel Highlight Analytical. The analytical model will highlight.
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