How do I turn on record history in rhino?

Where is record history on Rhino?

1. In the status bar, click the Record History pane. 2. Use a history-enabled command such as the Loft command to make a surface from input curves.

Where is the status bar in rhino?

The status bar is located at the bottom of the Rhino window.

How do you match a surface in Rhino?


  1. Select an untrimmed surface edge.
  2. Select a surface edge or curve to match. Pick the two surfaces near same ends. This surface can be either trimmed or untrimmed.
  3. Choose options.

When did rhino 6 come out?

Feb 2018 – Rhino 6 for Windows released. Jul 2019 – Rhino 6 for Mac released.

How can you access Rhino options and settings?

To bring up the Rhino Options window, click on: File / Properties. Select: Units. Model Units pick: feet, meters, etc.

How do I connect edges in rhino?

The MergeEdge command combines adjacent edges of the same simple surface into one edge. 1. Select an edge on a surface or a polysurface. If possible, the edge will merge to an adjacent edge of the same simple surface into one edge.

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