How do I flatten a model in Solidworks?

How do I flatten in Solidworks?

To flatten a surface:

  1. In an open part, click Flatten (Surfaces toolbar) or Insert > Surface > Flatten. …
  2. Select faces in the graphics area or from the FeatureManager design tree.
  3. Then select a vertex. …
  4. In the PropertyManager, click Relief Cuts.

How do you flatten a box in Solidworks?

Flattening Surfaces

  1. Select a surface or face to flatten and click Flatten Surface (Surfaces toolbar) or Insert > Surface > Flatten.
  2. In the PropertyManager, under Selections, for Vertex or Point on Edge to Flatten From , select a vertex or a point on an edge.
  3. Set the Accuracy and optionally click Show Mesh Preview.

How do you unwrap in Solidworks?

To add an unfold feature:

  1. In a sheet metal part, click Unfold. on the Sheet Metal toolbar, or click Insert > Sheet Metal > Unfold.
  2. In the graphics area, select a face that does not move as a result of the feature for Fixed face. . …
  3. Select one or more bends as the Bends to unfold. …
  4. Click .

How do I flatten bends in Solidworks?

Flattening Sheet Metal Bends

  1. To flatten the entire part, if the Flat-Pattern1 feature is present, unsuppress Flat-Pattern1, or click Flatten. …
  2. To flatten the entire part, if the Process-Bends1 feature is present, suppress Process-Bends1, or click Flatten. …
  3. To flatten one or more individual bends, add an Unfold.
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Why is surface flatten greyed out?

The reason for the “Flatten” icon being greyed out was because the sheet metal part had a “Flat Pattern” annotation view and this annotation view was active. By selecting another annotation view, the “Flatten” icon then becomes available again.

How do you flatten rolled sheet metal?

Hammer and flame: flattening sheet metal with extensive expertise and time. Hammer and flame – The art of leveling parts or sheets with this method still exists in the metal fabrication industry. This method uses a hammer to flatten the sheet metal part.

How do you add bends in Solidworks?

Using Insert Bends to Add a Body

  1. In a sheet metal part, select or create a plane and draw a profile sketch.
  2. Click Extruded Boss/Base (Features toolbar).
  3. In the PropertyManager: Set the direction and depth of the extrusion. …
  4. Click Insert Bends. (Sheet Metal toolbar) or Insert > Sheet Metal > Bends .
  5. In the PropertyManager:

How do you flatten a square tubing?

To do this, right-click on an interior face of the tube and click Select Tangency. The Power Select command will select a few too many faces and the faces of the bends to be flattened must be deselected by clicking on both the inner and outer faces of the bend. Finally, select Delete and Patch.

How do you flatten tubing ends?

For Tube Flattening, the punch press operation is a cost-effective way to produce a flat tube end for tubular assemblies. Using a dedicated die set, this process combines three separate operations, flattening the end of the tube, trimming the end corners, and piercing a hole pattern for fastening the tube.

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