How do I change the display state in Solidworks?

How do I reset a display in Solidworks?

Click Reset to restore factory defaults for all system options or only for options on this page.

Display Options

  1. Click Options. or Tools > Options.
  2. Click Display.
  3. Select from the options described below, then click OK.

What is a display state solidworks?

Display State Configurations

SolidWorks has incorporated a feature to allow the user to save a color scheme of an assembly or part without affecting other configuration design colors of a part or assembly. This helpful feature is known as a Display State.

Where is add display state solidworks?

To add a display state to a part:

  • Right-click anywhere in the Display Pane and click Add Display State.
  • Type a name for the new display state in the field that appears at the top of the Display Pane.

How do I reset my SOLIDWORKS settings?

To restore the settings, head to the top of your SOLIDWORKS window and click on the dropdown arrow to the right of the settings button and select “Save/Restore Settings…” This time, select the “Restore Settings – Restore SOLIDWORKS settings from a file” button and click Next.

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How do I change the command manager in SOLIDWORKS?

To access the CommandManager:

  1. Click Tools > Customize.
  2. On the Toolbars tab, select Enable CommandManager.
  3. Click OK.

Why would we use display state in SOLIDWORKS?

Display States are a great way to control the visual properties of our models in SOLIDWORKS. Think of them as the visual settings’ sibling to configurations – we can create different display states of our assemblies to modify the visual settings of specific components.

How do I install display state?

To create a new display state: Click a blank area in the graphics area to make sure nothing is selected in the ConfigurationManager. Right-click in any blank area in the ConfigurationManager and select Add Display State. A new display state is added to the list and becomes the active display state.

What is the difference between display state and configuration?

Configurations vs Display States

Configurations allow the change of physical properties of a model between different versions. These changes can be dimensional changes, suppressed features or even alternate hole wizard sizes, whereas a Display State allows for the appearance of the part to be modified.

How do you show the Display pane in Solidworks?

To expand or collapse the Display Pane:

  1. Click. at the top of the FeatureManager design tree (to the right of the tabs) to expand the Display Pane. The Display Pane appears to the right of the FeatureManager design tree pane:
  2. Click. to collapse the Display Pane.

What is a display state?

Display states define different combinations of display settings for each component in an assembly or each feature or body in a part.

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How do you save a display state in SOLIDWORKS?

You can save the Assembly Visualization view as a display state. On the Assembly Visualization tab , click the arrow to the right of the column headers, and click Add Display State. When you close Assembly Visualization, the model returns to its original coloring.

What are applied features in SOLIDWORKS?

Applied features such as chamfers, fillets, and shells are applied directly to the model.

Where is Configuration Manager in SOLIDWORKS?

Click the ConfigurationManager tab at the top of the Manager Pane.

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