How do I change superscript in AutoCAD?

How do I change text to superscript in AutoCAD?

Fortunately, creating superscript letters, also called stacked letters, in AutoCAD is not a difficult task because the software supports stacking by default. All you need to do is separate the letter with a special character and then click a single button on your toolbar.

How do you superscript in AutoCAD 2018?


  1. Copy the attached Subs. shx-file into the folder Fonts.
  2. Restart AutoCAD.
  3. Enter _STYLE in the command line.
  4. Select the text style which should be changed.
  5. Ensure that for “Font name” a shx-file is selected.
  6. Check “Use Big Font”
  7. Select “Subs. shx” from selection list “Big Font”

How do you type to the power of 2 in AutoCAD?

First, create a text object using the MTEXT command. Type the exponent value and then the carat character (e.g., 2^). With the Multiline Text Editor still open, select the exponent value and the carat, then right-click.

How do you do exponents in AutoCAD?

You can use exponents or scientific notation in a text field.


  1. Start the Mtext command.
  2. Enter 103^
  3. Select “3^”
  4. Click the Stack/Unstack button.

What is the symbol for subscript?

Use “_” (underscore) for subscripts.

How do you write MM2 in AutoCAD?

It’s called “MTEXT”.

  1. Start the MTEXT command.
  2. Type MM2^
  3. Highlight 2^
  4. On the MTEXT toolbar, click the “Stack” button. (the one with the ‘a’ over ‘b’ – a/b)
  5. You now have mm2 (with a superscript.

How do you get the Ohm symbol in AutoCAD?

Hold down the ALT key and type 21226 for the Ω symbol.

How do you superscript in Canva?

To make a superscript in Canva, you first need to add 2 text boxes. Adjust both texts. Resize the second text using a smaller font size before positioning it on the top right corner of the first text. Lastly, group the 2 texts so they can move as a unit.

How do I get m2 on my keyboard?

In any version of Microsoft Word, type m2, then highlight the 2. Now press and hold Ctrl and Shift, then press the + key and it will be changed to superscript and will look like this: m2.

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