How do I change a layer in ArchiCAD?

Click the Layer Settings icon in the Info Box of any ArchiCAD tool. The left panel lists existing Layer Combinations. The right side lists all the layers defined in the project. Use the splitter bar that separates the two sides to display as much text as you need.

How do I select a layer in ArchiCAD?

ArchiCAD Training (Best Practices Lesson 15-2)

  1. SELECT ALL. The Edit menu > Select All command has many variations: …
  2. FIND AND SELECT. You can access Find and Select from the Edit menu or by the keyboard shortcut Command-F / CTRL-F. …

How do I unlock a layer in ArchiCAD?

The Edit > Locking > Unlock command unlocks the selected item(s). With the Unlock All command, you can unlock all locked elements, even if they are not selected.

Where is attribute manager in archicad 22?

You can also access the Attribute Manager by going to Options, Element Attributes, and then Attribute Manager. Here on the top we can navigate through all kinds of attributes, and here we have a list of all the attributes per type.

How do I export layers in archicad?

Save an up to date document of Layer Combinations and Layers included in an ARCHICAD project or template

  1. Open Layer Settings dialog and press Print.
  2. In the Print dialog Save as PDF or export via other option.
  3. As a result the Layer Combinations, Layers and Locked status will be listed for each Layer Combination.
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How do I select everything in ArchiCAD?

To select all elements on screen (either in the entire window or inside a previously defined Marquee area) with the Arrow or Marquee Tool active, use the Ctrl/Cmd+A shortcut or the Edit > Select All command. Note: Select All will only select elements on the currently displayed story. See also Marquee Area.

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