Can Revit LT Open IFC files?

Can Revit LT open Revit Files?

You can use Revit LT to open a Revit project that contains masses. You can use Revit LT to open a Revit project that contains point clouds. When using Revit LT to work on a Revit project that uses Copy/Monitor, limited Copy/Monitor functionality is available.

Can Revit import IFC Files?

Import an IFC file in Revit

Click File tab Open (IFC). In the Open IFC File dialog, navigate to the IFC file to import, and select it. If needed, for Files of type, specify the type of file to open: IFC, ifcXML, or ifcZIP.

How do I view IFC Files in Revit?


Click File > Open > IFC, Select the required IFC file and click Open. Open an Elevation View to check the floor levels. The Levels may have shifted in the import process.

What programs can open a IFC File?

IFC files are compatible with Autodesk’s Revit, Tekla’s BIMsight software, Adobe Acrobat, FME Desktop, Constructivity Model Viewer, CYPECAD, SketchUp, GRAPHISOFT’s ARCHICAD, and more.

What can Revit LT do?

Revit LT delivers intuitive, 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) software based on the Autodesk Revit platform. Create higher quality designs and documentation working in a coordinated 3D model-based environment.

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What is the difference between Revit LT and Revit?

Revit software includes additional features and functionality such as worksharing, analysis, and in-product rendering. Revit LT is more cost-effective, streamlined BIM software for architecture professionals. It is useful for creating content in isolation.

Can you edit an IFC File in Revit?

You cannot change the geometry of any IFC elements. You can change phase and other parameter value.

How do I export IFC in Revit?

Load the IFC mapping file that you want to use to export to IFC. Click File tab Export (IFC). In the Export IFC dialog, for File name, click Browse, and navigate to the target folder for the IFC file. Enter a name for the IFC file, and click Save.

How do I read an IFC File?

Opening an IFC file

  1. download usBIM.viewer+ for free and run the setup;
  2. once installed, simply launch the software and click on the “Create document from IFC” button;
  3. browse to your folder and select the IFC file to open.
  4. now view the 3D model together with its entities and relating properties.

What is IFC file used for?

The Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) is a CAD data exchange file format intended for description of architectural, building and construction industry data. It is a platform-neutral, open file format specification that is not controlled by a single vendor or group of vendors.

What is a IFC file?

An IFC file is a model file created in the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) format, which is an open file format used by Building Information Modeling (BIM) programs. It contains a model of a building or facility, including spatial elements, materials, and shapes.

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How do I open IFC files in Tekla?

IFC insert

  1. Open a Tekla Structures model where you want to insert the IFC reference model.
  2. Open the Reference Models list by clicking the Reference Models button in the side pane .
  3. Click the following link and follow the instructions for inserting the reference model: Insert a reference model.
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