Best answer: How do I enable extensions in SketchUp?

In SketchUp, select Extensions > Extension Manager. The Extension Manager window appears. Click the Enabled or Disabled button next to the extension whose status you want to change. Click the Apply Changes button, and your extension is enabled or disabled.

Why isn’t my extension showing up in SketchUp?

When you install plugins, or “Ruby scripts,” or “extensions,” on your computer, you may notice that the tool doesn’t appear in the ‘Plugins’ menu. … If the Plugins menu is missing, that means that you have no active plugins that need that menu item. To test, open SketchUp and click Window > Extension Warehouse.

Where is the extensions menu in SketchUp?

Once installed, a KeyShot plugin menu will appear inside SketchUp under Toolbar > Extensions > KeyShot.

How do I add extensions to SketchUp toolbar?

Select View > Customize Toolbar or context-click the toolbar and select Customize Toolbar from the menu that appears. You see the dialog box shown in the following figure, which contains all of SketchUp’s tools. To add a tool, drag it to the toolbar. To remove a tool, drag it off the toolbar.

How do I activate Enscape?

Activate an Enscape Licence

To activate Enscape, whether fixed seat or floating, open the ‘General Settings’ and click the ‘Licensing’ menu option. Then click ‘Enter Licence Key’. This will open another window where you can then enter your licence key; click ‘Apply License’ to activate the licence.

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